We really enjoyed working with Bryan. In addition to his great voice and strong experience in voicing, he also proposed to make a technical test before the session and was very proactive regarding the French to English script we gave him – providing alternatives and different versions. Kind, patient and professional. He understands very fast the client’s needs and is always on time, that is something valuable in music and studio production

THE – Sound Production Paris, France (Sound Design, Honda, Mercedes, Securitie Roiterie)

Featured Work and Favorites

More than a voice in the wilderness…

A Voice for Hope

Voice Over

The Covid 19 Pandemic brought out the best in media as we sought to connect while dealing with a worldwide pandemic.  This piece shot by Travis Wade and written by Cathleen Lynch was produced by  Concentrek Group a Toledo Production Company.  This was the highlight of many pieces with acknowledgement of our current situation and a reminder that this too would pass.


Voice Over and Copywriter

While I usually am hired to bring other peoples words to life – I had the opportunity to tell the story here in my own words.  This was shot by WhiteRice out of Minneapolis.  They shot all the photography at a Dairy Farm in Minnesota.  

Sound Design

Sound Design/Voice Over

I had the honor of being the brand voice for Discount Tire from 2016 through 2020.  During that time I was all things Audio – including doing the Sound Design for this National TV spot.

Working for that company during my tenure was the highlight of my first years as a full time VO.  The Founder of Discount Tire, Bruce T. Halle passed away in January of 2018. I was the last VO that he heard and had the honor to be the Brand Equity of the slogan he built his life around – “Discount Tire America’s Neighborhood Tire Store.”  

That honor of being the Brand Equity for the company he built will always be a highlight for me.

Copy Supervisor

English Copy Editor/Voice

I did the narration for this Kickstarter for a Space Exploration device – this Kickstarter campaign funded over 350K in less than a day and is trending currently at over 2.5 million funded. This is my favorite type of project – epic cinematography – documentary style and a cool new product that enables us to see just how big the world really is.  

Vaonis hired a French Agency to produce the video – and I was hired as the English voice – and as is usually the case – I helped them with copy editing from the French to English so that it had maximum impace


John Deere “Twas the Night before Christmas”

Voice Over

 Growing up farming I spent a lot of time in and on John Deere Tractors.  We were a ‘Green Farm’ meaning the majority of our implements had the green paint and the yellow Deere.  It’s always an honor when you get to voice a brand you believe in.

Our Bond “Feel Safe”

Voice Over

As the Father to a daughter born in Chicago – I have a real connection to this spot – it’s a revolutionary way for people to have trained security personnel live and actively monitoring them that can be used anywhere you feel you don’t want to be alone in public or even now days in your home.  My daughter starts high school in 2021 and when she gets her first phone – this will be on it.

Magna Red Arrows “The Thrill”

Voice Over

This was one of the first National Spots I did for Eastman Sporting Goods 

Cracker Barrel – “Take Care Now”

Voice Over

Just finished this one for Cracker Barrel’s new TV and OmniMedia Campaign.  I confess – I’m a side of Gravy Guy.

Agency Pitch and Product Launch

Alpha Romeo Gulia “The Beginning”

Voice Over

I’ve had the privilege of working with a producer named Tate Webb.  His work speaks for itself – which I think might have happened with this video – but just to lay voice against this cinematography was enough for me.

Detroit Engine – “What is a Legacy?”

Voice Over

As the predominant voice for Daimler Trucks North America – This was an exciting new product launch of the new ALL ELECTRIC Freightliner eCascadia – yep fully electric version of their flagship Cascadia 18 wheeler. Produced by RDM for DTNA

BlueVoyant- “System Scale Technology”

Voice Over

in 2021 My UK Agent DGV finally sent me an audition.  When they did I actually got the gig.  This piece was produced by Velocity Partners UK for a new Cyber Security Company.  Another stunning visual piece.

Milkbone “Inspired to do more”

Voice Over

Another spot by Tate Webb of Tate I/O for Milkbone brands.  You gotta love dogs.

“BEST OF TV” 2016 

Originally produced in France the response was so strong it was decided to release internationally and I was fortunate enough to be cast as the International English VO.

In this atypical and hard hitting film, the emotional impact comes from telling the stories of the unseen victims of a road accidents. What starts as the cascade of glass and metal becomes an almost visually striking flying parade of all the loved one affected by what we just witnessed.

Director and DOP Bruno Aveillan approached the film as series of mental projections and mixed multiple shooting and postproduction techniques to produce a specific atmosphere that is between dream, or nightmare perhaps, and reality. Trampolines were also used in almost every shot, and one of the world’s best trampoline champions is part of the cast.

The work will appear on TV and in theaters, with support from billboards and radio.


Wintrust – Chicago White Sox -“Numbers”

Voice Over

Wintrust Bank’s “Numbers” campaign for the Chicago White Sox. Produced by Banner Collective

Wintrust – Chicago Cubs – ‘Numbers”

Voice Over

Wintrust “Numbers” TV Campaign for the Chicago Cubs Produced by Banner Creative and Wintrust Media Group.

Wintrust – “Bring it Home Chicago”

Voice Over

This is the first TV spot produced by Wintrust Bank – Chicago’s largest local bank. This spot was produced by Wintrust Bank’s Internal Marketing Team Matt Doubleday, head of the Wintrust Marketing Department.


Pinehurst Golf Club – Hall of Fame Induction – Willie McRae

Voice Over

This is the second documentary I’ve narrated for the Carolina Golf Association for their Induction of PGA award winning pioneers of Golf. Produced by Artifice Films, Brad Cheshire Director.

Documentary – Northwestern Life Sciences Searle Family

Voice Over

Mini Documentary on the Searle Family contributions to the Northwestern Life Sciences Schools. Directed by Tristan Ridell, 

Medical Narration

Treatment for Alzheimers

Voice Over

This is a Medical Explainer for Bioarctic. While I do quite a bit of Medical Narration – this one is unique as the audio is custom and produced by Matt Berky of Massive Productions.


Frontline Insurance – “Compassion is our DNA”

Voice Over

Another piece from Jon Strong.  This is the Anthem for Frontline Insurance.  

Vermont Castings – “Brand Anthem”

Voice Over

This was produced by Gamma Ray Burst.  Vermont Castings has been a long time maker of wood burning stoves and grills.  If it cooks meat – I’m in.

“Federal Premium Partner in Protection”

Voice Over

Federal Premium is creating major content around the training and responsibility of firearm owners. This campaign is produced by Tom Cusciotta.  This was the launch of the “Partner in Protection” program that Federal is spearheading.

AG America Financial “Perservere”

Voice Over

Indie Atlantic Films produced this for AG America Lending as the opening for an extended documentary on American Farming.  Again – the opportunity to lend my voice to the story of the American Farmer – my origin – is always the highlight of this job.

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