My Studio

I’m a turn key performer and producer.  I can be your voice or audio Huckleberry.  WHISPER ROOM enabled  with SOURCE CONNECT STANDARD.  My studio connects studios all over the world

For clients who need a directed session my  studio is equipped with state of the art  professional broadcast quality tools and a acoustically managed environment (about -58dB standing  noise floor) for optimal performance, recording and mastering.

Broadcast Quality of course doesn’t mean anything without that pesky Broadcast Quality Talent. That’s where I usually come into the picture. Literally.

My Equipment

Sennheiser, Nuemann, Shure, Schoepps, AKG, Manley, Universal Audio, Yamaha, Native Instruments, Apple, Argosy, Waves, Izotope, WhisperRoom, Triad Orbit, Adobe, Apogee, Abelton,  Logic, Source Connect.

All the stuff I just named above is absolutely silent and really doesn’t do much without your vision, and my voice.  Only then – does all that stuff actually SOUND impressive.

As far as the media industry finding footing with guys in homes studios – yes – that’s the way it’s heading. 

But trust me. There is nothing that can ever sound like something produced in a professional Commercial Studio – by Professional Producers.  But I’m pretty darn close because  mine was built from  years watching listening and learning from the real Chicago Studio Greats. And I’ll spend the rest of my life chasing perfection.  Until the day I chase nothing. 

Our team recently had the opportunity to work with actor and voice over artist Bryan Carmody. We chose Bryan from a fairly large pool of candidates due to the dynamic range and compelling style demonstrated in his portfolio. We were confident that he could give us the perfect read for our project, and we got the high quality voice over we expected.
John Husack, OJK Creative

Bryan is as talented as a VO artist can be. His attention to detail is world-class, his speed and level of responsiveness is enormously impressive and brings huge efficiency to a project, and above all, his ability to understand direction and captu re the essence of a project’s needs or a VO character’s mindset is second to none. We would highly recommend him to anyone for their VO needs, and my team and I look forward to working with him in the future.   

Andy Rance, Chief Creative Officer -Luminary Visuals

Bryan took the time to truly understand our project. The emotion that he put into his voice really made our video complete. Turn around time and communication was great. I would highly recommend Bryan for your next project.

Sarah Thorson – Beef Education Manager – Genex Inc.
Bryan was incredible to work with – possibly the best VO recording session I’ve ever had. And the final product was delivered immediately and with exceptional quality.
Aaron Ellison – Motion Graphics Designer – Primitive
I’ve had the pleasure of recording Bryan on numerous occasions, and he never fails to be a pro on every level. He’s smart, articulate, funny and understands session dynamics extremely well.
Tom Cusciotta, Chief Creative – Projekt X

If I’m the voice you hear in your head?

Reach out.

It will give me a chance to take a break from the ones in mine.

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