Focus on what you know and what you control. The rest takes care of itself.

When I started performing as a Voice Talent  in 2001 the world of VO was very different.  All you needed was a good Agent.  The audition process involved traveling to an office or studio.  You’d sit in the greenroom with your pages – and you only had to perform – the Agency directed produced and submitted you.

 For years I worked with and studied how the professional studios in downtown Chicago were set up.  I observed what microphones I was put in front of, what pre-amps they used and most importantly their techniques and studio workflows. In 2015 I decided to heed the call and committed to pursue voice over work 100% which meant retiring my long running corporate career.

It’s a bit more involved now then it was when I first started.  That being said Voice over work isn’t really  that different from any other “Buyer Seller” job. There’s a product and I produce. And I strive to make that product quickly efficiently and to a high quality industry standard.  That product is an Audition.  I repeat that over and over and over again.  Then I repeat that.

I love the Repeat part.  The rest of it takes care of itself.

“Personable, professional, helpful, smart; and easy to work with. Bryan turned a script into a story with authenticity and swagger.”
Roseanne Azarian, Mintz & Hoke

Bryan at a Glance

The Studio

More than 90% of the work I produce is done in my private studio – with the ability to patch into any studio in the world equipped with the latest virtual ISDN with SOURCE CONNECT STANDARD. 

As a VO talent, he has great range, is very adaptable at handling quick changes, alternative inflection suggestions and copy edits that might inundate a less polished voice actor.
Tom Cusciotta, Partner, Six Speed

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